2007 Polaris Ranger
Model # 21221
Use right lower brake arm.
Use the illustration below for reference to install the AUTOMOBILITY hand control in eight steps.

1.  Remove the lower retention strap from the accelerator arm and install as shown in illustration (1)

2. Attach the throttle block on the accelerator arm as shown in illustration (2).

3.  Attach the lower brake assembly above the brake pedal at the height shown in illustration (3).

4.  Lift the brake arm and attach the column mount.

5. Attach the accelerator arm to the control handle.

6. Attach the lower retention strap to the upper short retention strap on the accelerator arm.

7. Attach the lower spring retention strap and adjust.  Make sure cross bolt is not overtightened and binding.

8. Safety Check Be sure to check that bolts and nuts are properly tightened, you should have full
throttle and full brakes.  The system must go through the brake and throttle motions smoothly, there should be no
binding or hesitation.